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Guide de l’épigraphiste
Bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales
François Bérard, Denis Feissel, Nicolas Laubry, Pierre Petitmengin, Denis Rousset, Michel Sève et collaborateurs.
Quatrième édition entièrement refondue.
Guides et inventaires bibliographiques de la Bibliothèque de l’École normale supérieure, 7.
Epigraphy is a subject which can strike fear into the heart of the boldest scholar. Even the historians, linguists and archaeologists who are well aware how much it has to offer them are daunted at the prospect of tackling the material. Inscriptions in the ancient world performed a wide variety of functions, and had an importance which it is hard for us to appreciate ; thousands of inscribed texts, in Greek and Latin, survive, and each year the number increases substantially.
How can one trace inscriptions discovered in Italy since the publication of Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum ? Find the most reliable edition of the Rosetta Stone or Diocletian’s Price Edict ? Discover the prosopographical information that could form the basis of a study of social relations ?
To deal with such problems, a group of French scholars produced in 1986 the first edition of this Guide, revealing to the uninitiated the keys to the study of the epigraphies of the ancient world, from the Greeks and Romans to the peoples who lived next door. The Guide, published in 1989 in a second edition and in 2000 in its third edition, contains a carefully selected bibliographical apparatus, with brief comments on individual works, a methodological introduction and a rich series of indices.
This fourth edition is a completely new work, containing some 2975 items. The fourth part of these items shows new bibliographic titles which have been published between 2000 and 2010.
I. Traités, Initiations, Bibliographies
II. Choix d’inscriptions
III. Les inscriptions grecques jusqu’en 1453
IV. Les inscriptions latines jusqu’à l’époque mérovingienne
V. Catalogues de musées
VI. Recueils thématiques d’inscriptions grecques et latines
VII. Mise à jour des corpus et recueils
VIII. Études sur les inscriptions
IX. Épigraphies périphériques
1. Épigraphie minoenne et mycénienne, par Pierre Carlier
2. Langues d’Asie Mineure, par Georges Pinault
3. Épigraphie sémitique, par Bernard Delavault, Pierre Petitmengin et Françoise Briquel Chatonnet.
4. Épigraphie égyptienne et copte, par Laurent Motte et Laurent Coulon
5. Épigraphie iranienne, par Frantz Grenet et Xavier Tremblay
6. Inscriptions du roi Asoka, par Georges Pinault
7. Épigraphie italique et étrusque, par Dominique Briquel
8. Épigraphie en langues celtiques, par Pierre-Yves Lambert et Eugenio Luján
9. Épigraphie de l’Occident médiéval : IXe-XVe siècle, par Pierre Petitmengin
X. Études et bibliographie d’épigraphistes
XI. Congrès, Revues, Collections
Index des auteurs
Index géographique
Index analytique
448 p. ISBN 978-2-7288-0443-6. 30 Euros. Septembre 2010.
You may download the following documents :
— the prefaces of the first and third edition,
— a concordance between entry numbers of the third and fourth editions,
— the list of abbreviations that are listed in the Guide,
— the list of websites that are listed in the Guide, with the relevant links ; these links will be regularly checked and updated,
— the list of book call-numbers in the École normale supérieure Library.
The authors intend to present every year a supplement, which will be avalaible for downloading.
Download available files :
In light of supplements and a possible fifth edition, the authors would be happy to receive suggestions, corrections or criticisms from users of the Guide. They would also welcome being informed of all newly published monographs (actually available rather than forthcoming) regarding either antique or medieval epigraphy.


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